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Green Initiatives at Krishna Inn

The green initiatives we have practiced are right from the construction phase because we believe in conserving nature along with our growth. We are the first eco hotel to be built on recycle water . The green initiatives we have practice are
•     Maximum usage of sunlight.
•     Use of renewable energy-solar energy for water heating.
•     The whole building is illuminated by LED lights.
•     We have used one of the best and Green fittings to conserve on water usage.
•     The building is centrally air conditioned with one of the most energy systems working on variable load.
•     We even request our valuable guests to Follow Green practice at our property ( repeat remaing data).

Till the beginning of 20th century neither human population nor technology had the power, radically to alter nature or eco-system. But today in the first decade of 21st century not only the human population has outnumbered, but also their activities have made major unintentional changes among the plants, the animals, in the atmosphere, soil, water, and also in relation among them. Rate of population boom and their unintentional activities have outstripped the nature’s natural cycle and ecosystem. If we continue to ignore nature, soon all species would have to face life threatening challenges due to deforestation, desertification and population. We should always remember that there is no place on this earth where natural disaster cannot reach.

The need of Current situation, is to use our natural resources, may it be renewable – to prevent its pollution, or non renewable – to prevent its depletion, in the most efficient manner.

This property has been
Designed, with the intention of using maximum sunlight to avoid use of artificial lights during daytime, and give our guest, wonderful lush green view overlooking Tarabai Garden.

Built in the most sustainable manner, using recycled ground water. For the full construction, till completion we have not used bore or corporation water. We have also cut down of unnecessary false ceiling. As we believe waste of any material is waste of energy.

Developed by using the most energy efficient and best electrical fittings and VRF unit know to us. With 28 Rooms of lavish size, with full size windows with UV banning properties, overlooking green space of Tarabai Garden, king size beds, full size study tables, mini fridge and spacious bathrooms, we believe in giving the best to our guests.

Everything that has been introduced into our property and for our guests is with serious thought of going sustainable way.

The property is managed and run by considering guests and our Nature on our priority with 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We believe Technology and nature should go hand in hand, our efforts towards a sustainable way is by

  • Sustainable Development-

    The building has been built using Recycle ground water, till completion no Bore water or Corporation water is been used.We have tried to use the local material and local labors as much as possible, to avoid transportation, giving priority to the locals.We have provided full size windows for cutting down artificial lights during day time.The only reason to avoid bath tub in our property, was to minimize wastage of water.

  • Solar Energy Management-

    Harvesting Renewable Solar energy for water heating,The space designed for Solar panels is in such a manner, so that maximum energy can be harvested and also the service person can work comfortably on it when required.

  • Rain Water Harvesting -

    We the space around the building has been designed in such a way that rain water percolates into the ground and not directly runs into gutters.The rain water on terrace has channelized and introduced into ground after filteration.

  • Efficient Energy Management-

    Every electrical, fitted in the property has been selected considering the quality and efficiency, to our knowledge.We have used the most efficient VRF AC units, LED Televisions, mini bars, LED lights and lamps known to us.

  • Solid waste Management-

    Recycling waste water through Vertical root zone STP technology.

  • Employee Environmental awareness and Community Involvement –

    Through our Organization Recycle Ecosystem, we conduct guest lecturers for our staff and school students for lectures on global warming and sustainable development.

  • Awareness Program -

    Recycle Ecosystem, encourages our guests to reuse their linen and save water.

Recycle Ecosystem

The organization was established in 2009 by our Director Mr. Siddharth Shinde. He has pursued Master’s in Automotive Engineering from UK, after his Mechanical Engineering, worked for General Motors and Mahindra RnD.

Currently our initiatives towards society;

• We have tried our level best to build this property “ Krishna Inn” in the most green manner- use of recycled ground water for construction, use of renewable solar energy.

• We have run a shelter home, for homeless and poor,

• Conduct guest lecturers for kids on sustainable development, and Global Warming.

For mankind to go a longer way, we need technology and nature to go hand in hand. We need to grow, in a sustainable manner. Today we are continuously reaping natural resources, without paying back to our nature.

“Our Country Grows; We grows”.

“Krishna Inn”, is our attempt to help ourselves to become a socially responsible citizens of India.


what kind of rooms we have

  • Standard Room

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    The space of 250 Sq.ft. is designed with modern and bold look

  • Tropical Suite

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    The space of 650 Sq.ft. has been designed to get a tropical look, with lush green bushes in the terrace accessible only for the suite.

  • Grand Executive

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    The space of 650 Sq.ft. has been designed in a European look, with a king size bed, small Pantry, lounge space with video conferencing facility and not the least to mention, a bathroom with walk in wardrobe.